CEASE Coalition
The Coalition to End Elder Financial Abuse:
A National Strategy of Prevention, Protection and Restitution
CEASE Strategies
Advocacy for victims

Preventive education

Protection alternatives

Model legislation

Prosecution and restitution

Networking and  media outreach campaign

Website dedicated to preventing elder financial abuse.
CEASE is the national leader addressing the complex and multi-faceted issues surrounding elder financial abuse. Some details about our strategies include:

Preventive Education: We are developing a series of 10 "Self-Help" guides for seniors that will be available in English, Spanish and Chinese. We are designing Peer Preventive Education modules, training peer educators and creating a self-assessment tool to alert seniors of thie potential for financial abuse and means of prevention.

Protection Alternatives: We are developing a Victims Protection Guide for Professionals about common types of financial and insurance instruments, red flags for abuse, types of scams and where and how to report them. We'll produce 3 online training programs for professionals and aging network staff who work with the elderly. The programs will help trainees recognize and prevent financial abuse and protect potential victims. We will disseminate monthly Financial Abuse Alerts and quarterly Best Practices Tips.

Model Legislation: We are researching federal and state legislation pertaining to issues of financial abuse prevention, protection, prosecution, and restitution. We will present model legislation to legislative and regulatory bodies and other policy makers at the state and federal levels.

Prosecution and Restitution: We are developing a collaborative network to share information and best practices through a listserv for consumer protection and elder rights specialists, public interest attorneys, and others. We will also maintain a legal brief bank on civil and criminal financial abuse litigation.

Networking and Media Outreach: We are developing a network of key agencies and organizations. We will be presenting at national and statewide conferences. We will design a media outreach campaign on elder financial abuse, including 2 documentaries for national public radio, 12 pod casts to be distributed online and on commercial radio stations across the U.S.

Website: We are developing links to key agencies in each state and to national organizations. Our goal will be to provide information to consumers, family members, long-term care professionals, advocates, and public and private bar attorneys.